Ready for Spring Garden

Happy first day of spring for all you gardeners out there! The most anticipated day of the year is here. The weather is warming up,  your flowers budded/bloomed, you’re ready to start seeds, and put your plants out. This is the time when all those plants that have been dormant all these cold months WAKE UP!

My garden in southern California has been awakened for about a month now. I  walked around in my garden yesterday morning and made a video but decided I didn’t like my voice sounding all nasally.  I will probably try to make another video without me speaking next time! Lol. Wish you could hear all the birds singing out there! It was truly paradise for me.

Here are my garden scenes yesterday

Did you see my blue colored house? It’s so pretty! My house stood out from all the houses in the whole mile radius because everyone’s houses are gray, tan, brown,or generic industrial colors! I wanted to be different! My front door is yellow too!

I love all the beautiful pinks, yellows, purples and greens melded together. My Red Baron peach tree is the most vibrant in these pictures. Those skies were really that blue too. Below are some close-up shots. I love these!

My garden is a bit of a mess if you compare it to many gardens out there. My mom always said it looked like a jungle but that’s because her idea of a garden is manicured lawns and Edward Scissorhands bushes, not cottage garden wild. In any case, I’m a haphazard gardener…I plopped plants and trees wherever I felt like, with no careful plans. Even after a few years of gardening, I still feel like a novice. I do everything by myself: weeding, planting, watering, transplanting, and lack-of-planning. But a few weeks ago I had people come help me put in this black weed border between the grasses and my plants. It looks good and definitely kept the gardeners from mowing over my precious seeds and seedlings.

Below are some flowers that are in my messy gardens.


Gerbera Daisies

Forgot the name of the plant below but could look later.

California Poppies (yellow and pink)

Red Alstroemeria

Magnolia ‘Genie’

Aeonium Sunburst

That’s all for today! Happy gardening if you do! Enjoy your week ahead! Thank you for stopping by!


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