Springtime Yellow Flowers

We’ve had one whole day of rain here in Southern California this past Monday. I had two 50-gallon rain barrels out there for the first time and they are completely full. Yesterday I attached a hose to one of them and filled up my watering can. It is wonderful to be able to use free and natural water! I just hope it’s not breeding ground for the West Nile Virus mosquitoes that we have here.

Today I wanted to share the flowers I have out there. They are mostly yellows but a few pinks and oranges too.

Italian Ranunculus Striato Giallo
Gazania Big Kiss
Mimulus Monkey Flower
Ranunculus Tropical Sunset
Pretty Lady rose
Centaurea Montana “Amethyst in Snow”
Daffodil and blue anemone
California Poppy

I hope you enjoyed this mid-week flower blog. I saw a few irises starting to open so maybe you will get to see some at the end of this week. Enjoy the rest of your week! Please share my blog with anyone you think might enjoy beautiful flowers and gardens.


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