Aza Pendant

I made myself another pendant last Sunday. I needed a pendant with silver and pink colors to go with some of my outfits so ergo the Aza pendant in this post. I got the free pendant pattern from Lately I’ve been into make pendants because they are quick projects that I can do in an hour or so. I used to make rings too but then I realized rings bother me sometimes when I wear them. It feels too constrictive.

Just for fun, I will post some pictures of the rings I’ve made at the bottom of the page.

This pendant has 11/0 silver seed, Czech bicone, and SuperDuo beads. Instead of using Nymo beading thread which is thin and will make the pendant wimpy, I opted to use the 6 lb. Fireline beading thread which is a bit stiffer so it will make my pendant more firm and sturdy. I have black seed beads in this tray because I was flirting with the idea of making a black and silver pendant too.

Pictured below are all of the rings that I’ve made. Some are better looking than others. Some were earlier projects and I didn’t make it so well or chose wrong color beads for the projects. They are really pretty though.

Funny story, a long time ago I sent a friend a picture of me wearing one of my beaded bracelets, all my friend said was how dry my wrist was. So, for this picture I made sure my hands were well lubricated to present my rings properly. Nice, eh?

Ok that’s all I have today. I want to show you other pendants I’ve made in the past but I would need to find out the names of them. Some are a lot more elaborate than this Aza pendant. More for next time. Bye for now!

Bali Pendant

I have been putting off beading for a long time, so this past weekend I made time to create this pendant. As I was making it, I remembered how much FUN it is to create using different beads and color combinations. I get so excited to see the finished product!

This design is given by the good, generous people on This is not a paid advertising but they have great patterns and are free, just wanted to share. They have beautiful and easy patterns, most can be done in a day. I finished this pattern within an hour.

This pattern requires seed 11/0, Arcos par Puca (turquoise colored), 4mm round beads but I used grayish bicones, and silver Superduo (honeycomb shaped) beads.

See below my working mat which included all my supplies for the project. This tray is a lifesaver in the world of beading because you can take it anywhere and leave in place for each project. Notice the tiny thread I used and the sliver of a needle? My eyes have gotten bad with age but so far I am still able to thread a needle of that size.

Hopefully I can post more beading projects in the next few months. I am hoping to go back to school soon too so I will probably be stretched real thin! The important thing is gotta remember to schedule time for it!

Egyptian Beaded Bracelets

While my verdant garden has been winding down this fall, I wanted to share some of my favorite Egyptian looking bracelets and a few other bracelets.

I’ve chosen these designs because many of them are thicker bracelets. I have very small wrists and I like to wear my bracelets like Wonder Woman’s bullet deflecting cuffs.

I’ve made these bracelets a few years ago and some are a bit rusty especially near the clasps.  Most of the clasps I chose are magnetic clasps because I don’t like to trouble with the other hard-to-put-on-by-yourself clasps.  With magnetic clasps, it snaps into place in a second without even looking!  It is great for people like me who are usually late and scrambling around in the morning.

The biggest downside to magnetic clasps is that if it accidentally touches something metal it will attach itself to that and you lose it.  I’ve dropped several bracelets like that before but I always catch it before it says bye-bye forever.

Damaraland Bracelet pattern by Riana Olckers

Kakana Bracelet pattern by Jaycee

Herringbone Bugle & Crystal Band pattern by Debbie Roberti

Fina Bracelet pattern by Ellad2

Sleek Bracelet by Jill Wiseman

Pewter Lace Bracelet pattern by Smadar Grossman

Hubble Stitch pattern by Melanie de Miguel

Beading Pattern by Debbie Roberti

Tila SuperDuo Bracelet pattern by Debbie Roberti

The following bracelets have no name that I can find at the moment. They were probably from one of the beading magazines or something I combined with an online tutorial.

Now I must get outside to prepare my garden for this day of 90 plus degrees heat in Southern California. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend!