Passion Fruit, Abutilon, Dusty Miller, Gladioluses, and More

Are most people pretty good at typing on their phone keyboard? I’m not. I do most of my blog postings on the WP mobile App. I type with ONE index finger and you can guess how long that takes me! My kids say “why don’t you type with both of your thumbs like you’re supposed to?” They are right. It’s way more accurate and faster when you type with your thumbs but I still won’t do it even though it hurts to type long paragraphs with the index finger. As we speak, I am typing with my index finger.

Why did you need to know that? Just thought I share that typing tip in case someone out there is old school like me, didn’t know, and still typing with one finger.

Well, on to the beautiful flowers in bloom this week. I don’t know which lily this is but it’s a gorgeous color of yellow and burgundy.

“Lambada” Fuchsia

These deutzia “Raspberry Sundae” come back every year and have beautiful pink and white colors. It’s a small bush this year but previous years it was about 3 feet tall in the pot. I planted in the ground last fall after flowering so it may be trying to adjust itself.

This hibiscus plant took 3 years to flower. Last year the bud fell off or the gardener mowed over it so I didn’t get any flowers. The first picture is in the beginning, after it opened. The second picture is 2 days later.

The Cupid’ Dart I grew from seeds last year but this year is the first year flowering. I love the dark purple center.

Triteleia “Queen Fabiola”

What a wonderful mix of purple-colored statice in this pot right? These re-seeds well if you are looking for easy plants to grow. Plant once and you will forever have it in the garden. They live all year long in my garden. The best part is they last FOREVER in a vase and always look great.

Statice mix

I really love how these red scabiosa flowers just dominate this spot. They grew 4 feet tall and flower like mad!

Dusty Miller is a great white beauty with yellow flowers in the spring. Its leaves and branches feel like velvet. They are pretty easy to maintain as they can put up with poor dry soil and full sun.

My abutilon below is a tiny little plant with a lot of oomph! It is only 9 inches tall with skinny branches but would have over 6-8 large 2 inch flowers from spring until early winter.

The gladioluses here naturalized and put out tons of bulbs from years ago. I love the cream-colored petals of these gladioluses. I mentioned before that I don’t like white flowers but cream or ivory colors are elegant. The red columbines seemed to be blooming three times more than last year. They are so beautiful next to each other.

The first picture of the passion flowers below is a great example to show you the three stages of how the passion flower became a fruit. Right now I have about 100s of fruits on the vines. These are aggressive vines, they reseed all over in the yard but I don’t mind them because the fruits are quite sweet and delicious. They are ready to eat once they turn plump and orange. Sometimes in the summer I would go out and eat 3-4 at a time. I will have to show you the inside of it once it is ready in a few weeks.

That’s all the flowers to finish off the week. Have a great weekend everyone!

Lilies, Bearded Irises, Anemones, Epiphyllum, and More

Around this time of the year is when I get a bunch of lilies in bloom. For the next few weeks, I anticipate many flowers to admire. In this post are a few remaining bearded irises in bloom. The lilies here are new in my garden so it’s exciting to see them come out finally!




I’m not sure what I was thinking when I ordered this bearded iris but the colors just don’t impress me… I love bright colors and this is very bland. Nevertheless, it bloomed. I feel bad that I am treating it like an unloved child 😦




Although these are not new flowers but this is the most fantastic display of these roses and of all my roses so far! I cut that one branch and displayed it in my house. I just love these so much!





This one is a nice little surprise to see it bloomed this morning. This is the first and ONLY flower I have on this plant so far. It is more of a citron yellow color with white. The camera did not fully capture the yellow in it.

It’s an awful lot of extra steps to resize all my photos for each post so I am posting less pictures these days. I have so many beautiful pictures this week but have to keep this post short.

Have a great middle of the week day!

Cosmos, Roses,Gladiolus, Hydrangeas, and More

I was planning to upload more photos for my next blog but WP said I used up 95% of space already and wants me to pay more for “upgrade”. I guess I will have to clean up my media library and reduce the size of my files in the next few posts to be able to blog. I don’t like having to pay so much especially when WP is profiting from having ads on my blog.

These next pictures will be the reduced sizes, let me know what you think.



Red Quince

Orange Quince


“Life of the Party” Roses

Burgundy Iceberg

Koko Loco

Koko Loco in different shades

Chicago Peace roses
Quicksilver rose









That’s all the flowers I can share today. I will try to share more pictures soon. Two of my favorite flowers, gladioluses and hibiscuses are getting ready to bloom this summer so I am excited about that!