Aeonium Sunburst

I never used to like succulents because I always associated them with spiky cactus plants. They are in the same category of low maintenance, low water, and heat tolerant plants…so I thought they are all the same. One day, I saw my mom had these beautiful Aeonium Sunbursts in her front yard and I am forever sold on its beauty.

Succulents come in all shapes and sizes but my favorite varieties are ones that resemble flower shapes! Succulents are so easy reproduce. Just pinch off a leaf or branch, let it dry out for a few days, put it in cactus potting mix and DON’T water for at least a few weeks until they sprout roots. They like to be watered once a week and morning sun/afternoon shade after that.

These pretty rosette-looking cuties are one of the Aeonium Kiwis. They are green when they don’t get enough sunlight but when it is in the sun, it turns into this color above, with hints of yellow and red. They can be more vibrantly red and yellow too depending on how much time they spend in the sun. So beautiful! Truly one of God’s magnificent creations!

Aeonium Urbicum

One of my other favorite succulents are in the “Hens and Chicks” collection. I think it is such a ridiculous name but once I saw them sprout babies, I realized why they are called that. In the picture below, a couple of them already sprouted babies on the side. They all do that later in the year and I separated them into pots and gave some to friends.

In general, I love succulents because they are very colorful and easy to care for. My hopes for my garden in the future is to have a rock garden designated for my succulents where they get the right amount of light and water each day. As always, I’d like to leave you with my favorite succulent: Aeonium Sunburst.

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