Sheffield chrysanthemums has a slight hint of pink to its petals.

I love this time of the year when chrysanthemums really take off. I have a few varieties of chrysanthemums that are not the standard varieties which are the yellow and white chrysanthemums. I never liked these flowers before because I was never around them enough to see mature plants produced abundant flowers. One year I planted some yellow ones because I heard they have low water needs and are heat tolerant. The second and third years I have seen stunning, prolific blooms. I really love them and plan to fill my garden with a lot more.

These dark purplish red chrysanthemums are in the second year of blooms. They are about 3 feet tall. Last year they were about 12 inches tall and the colors were a much lighter pink. A few days after flowering, they turn into a salmon pink color, which I love. But I have to snip them off to encourage the other buds to fully bloom.

Here they are with my other deep purple chrysanthemums.

These chrysanthemums are also very pretty, they are a darker colors like this when it first bloom but after a few days in the sun, the outer petals turn into a mustard yellow. This one hasn’t expanded as well as the others, I think the soil where this one is located needs more cultivation.

Something else that I’ve been meaning to share is one of my cosmos plant from previous post, which I thought was never going to bloom, suddenly had a grand bloomfest! See them below.

Another wonderful plant I just acquired is the At Last rose bush. It has such beautiful, peachy-yellow blooms. I am in love! I will propagate these to have more plants. See if they make you smile too.

Now, I will leave you with one of these pretty chrysanthemums to ponder.

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