Puppies in the Garden

These puppies in the garden are not puppies actually, they are full grown 5 and 6 years old dogs. Still puppies to me, though.


This cafe au lait colored dog is called Lord Waggles but we call him Waggles for short. We are not quite sure what he is but we think he is a Maltese and cockapoo mix. He likes to lie down on his back in the garden like this picture below. That spot is cool and shady so he likes to spend his time there. My Cinco de Mayo roses are next to him.

Half dead
Dead to the world
Yep, gone

This is the opposite side of that shady spot and it is drier and always sunny. He likes to sleep there sometimes when he knows I will be in the garden for a little while.


This here is Hunter. He is our Harrier and American Foxhound dog. He is especially troublesome whenever he is outside. He howls and barks at neighboring dogs every day.

Sometimes I worry that he will attract coyotes to our yard because he howls for long periods of time, letting them know there is food nearby. Coyotes eat cats and dogs here regularly so I am a bit fearful.

He eats our unripened peaches and figs every day so far this spring. Whenever I pull weeds, he would be instantly by my side. Why? To eat grass and slugs that are exposed.

Hunter is a medium-sized, long-bodied dog with short legs. However, those legs are super duper fast and powerful. When he runs after something it sounds like an Arabian horse stampede. In these pictures he is just pondering where to go next…inside or stay in the sun.

Sometimes when I’m outside for too long and he wants to go in, he would come stare at me beseechingly.

That’s all I have about my dogs. Enjoy the pictures below of creatures I found exploiting my flowers and plants.


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