One of the most enchanting and most delicate flowers I have ever seen is the cosmos. They have willowy stems that hold a single bloom. I really love the delicate petals. They have beautiful, cheerful colors in shades of reds, pinks, whites, peaches, and yellows.

When they bloom in spring and summer, they are prolific. They are so prolific that you will need to create a staking system to keep them standing. They tend to get awry as they grow 2 feet and taller. On my first year growing them I didn’t know how massively big they grew for the area I picked. They flopped all over my smaller geraniums and roses. When you look at their abundant blooms they are such a beautiful sight fluttering in the wind in unison! Watch out for those bees when you deadhead them for additional blooms! Bees love them, too.

They are very easy to grow and are heat and drought tolerant. They reseed and grow again the following spring but for some reason only one of my four reseeded plants bloomed. I’m not sure why but it definitely is something I want to look into for next time!

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