Vibrant and Unique Blooms

These past few days there have been an endless amount of flowers appearing in my garden. While some of these flowers are not unique on the internet, they are very unique in my area. I’ve never seen most of these at the local nursery stores before.

My Stokesia Laevis Peachies Pick below just started flowering. It’s strange that this plant is called something “peachies” but has no peach color at all. It’s white and purple mainly. It comes back every year around the beginning of summer.

Another purple beauty is this Liatris Spicata Kobold which dies back at the beginning of fall and makes an appearance at the beginning of spring each year.

This Rudbeckia ‘Sahara’ is supposed to have beautiful shades of burgundy and more orange colors but so far I have seen them in these darker ruby colors. I was hoping to see more salmon colors. The best thing is that it has grown 5 times bigger than the previous year at almost 3 feet tall. I like tall plants to hide all the hard surfaces like fences and walls.

Below is an awesome dahlia and I have no idea which kind it is because I don’t think it resembles anything I ordered. I have had the wrong plants shipped to me several times and I never know the truth until they sprout flowers. It seemed to be getting larger and larger each day. It starts out mostly red, then orange/yellow, and then finally mostly yellow in the end. So far, this is my favorite dahlia.

Another dahlia that I have no idea what it is called since it doesn’t resemble anything I know. It might have been from a mix.

Another gorgeous dahlia in my garden. It might be the Cambridge dahlia. I plopped this one on my desk at work and it cheered the heck out of me. LOVE IT!!!

This Rose of Sharon hibiscus has a great shade of pink that I love. I was trying to buy one shade of purple Rose of Sharon but ended up with 3 – 4 of them in shades of pinks and purples.

The little cutie below is called Five Spots and I am completely in love with it! It’s a small plant and super adorable in a pot. This plant makes me think of God’s creativity and awesomeness.

A must have for your garden is this adenium obesum, or desert rose. I love that it requires very little water and that it has gorgeous reddish pink flowers a few times a year.

In this pot below are some lovely pink impatiens and a beauteous purple and white Blackcurrant Swirl Angel’s Trumpet. I grew these from seeds and they are fast growers.

This multi-orangey colored flower below is a Four O’clock. Strangest name ever but it is super pretty! I didn’t grow this plant but it appeared in my yard a few months ago. I kind of knew what it is so I let it grow. I’m really glad I did because it is a flower I find very appealing in my garden.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fun-filled weekend!

Sweet Peas

I realize this is a little late in posting about sweet peas since their blooming season is over back in September. I was so focused on other flowers that were my top favorites that I didn’t get a chance to share sweet peas before. They really are adorable and I am crazy about them!

Old Spice Mix Sweet Peas

These were the prettiest little things ever. I have never seen any plant that has such vibrant beautiful colors growing out of the same stem before. I love the purple-blue and dark purple colors together. All these flowers were grown from seeds. These were the Old Spice Mix seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds store.

Beaujolais Sweet Peas

These were easy to grow from seeds. They sprouted very quickly and I had to position them strategically in this container pot below so that they have room to climb on the stakes I provided them. They looked gorgeous in the months of June and July here. However, after the weather got hotter here in California around July/August, it started to get dry yellow leaves. It also seemed to attract some kind of spidery pests that left sticky cobweb-like goo on the leaves. The flower remained pretty for a while. The seed packets said they are only good for cooler growing zones but they seemed to do well here in zone 10 too.

The container above has five or six sweet pea plants grown together with sunflowers. I tried to let them cling onto sunflower stalks but they don’t seem to like that but rather clung to each other instead. After they flowered, they turned into seed pods, which I used to replant new ones later on.

Azureus Sweet Peas

These blue sweet peas are gorgeous! These colors are true to what they looked like. They didn’t live very long and took a long time to grow but they are so adorable!

I should mention all these are scented flowers and they smelled divine! They require a lot of water to keep the soil moist. I put some in pots but they didn’t grow as well as the purple Beaujolais that was grown in the ground. Next year, I am going to put them all in the ground to see how well they do.