Poppies and More

There are so many pretty poppies and flowers blooming right now. In this post are some of my favorites.

Five on Friday

Has anyone heard of a blogger movement where bloggers post “Six on Saturday”? I don’t know much about it other than bloggers would write about six things in their blog on Saturdays. For some reason those words sound annoying as a title so today I am making fun of it by writing “Five on Friday”. I’m pretty sure I won’t be writing “Five on Friday” again so this is IT!

1. Nicotania Deep Purple is a tobacco plant. These flowers are a gorgeous purple.

2. Sprekelia formosissima is also known as an Aztec Lily. This is a very unique flowering bulb.

3. Black hollyhocks are beautiful and interesting plants. There are not many black flowers out there that looks quite as cute as these guys. This year they grew about 12 inches taller than last year and are producing more flowers.

4. Zinnia in orangey pink color, beautiful but so far I have only one!

5. Impatiens in pink. I adore this pretty little flower, so sweet and similar to an orchid flower. Those colors are exquisite.

That’s my five for today! Have a great weekend.


One of the many wonderful surprises in my yard this spring are hollyhocks. I planted several hollyhocks from seeds last spring but I didn’t see any flowers until this year! I love the tall flowery stems that sprouted. I planted a mix of hollyhock seeds but the colors that bloomed this year are BLACK (how cool is that!!!!????), pink, and red. I am very partial to black flowers. All are my favorites so far.

I tell you, these guys are not easy to keep them looking great all the time. The leaves were riddled with rust, curls, mildew, and all kinds of ugliness as you can see from the pictures. I try not to look at the leaves when I go out there to visit them. I was constantly trimming the infested leaves off of the plant, that was not enjoyable.

Despite the difficulty maintaining hollyhocks, I think it is worthwhile to grow a few more of them. I think they would look great grown in groups. I did manage to save the flower seeds for next year’s planting. Hopefully the current plants will be more abundant in their third year.

Love the light pinks and yellows mixed in these flowers.
See the leaves curl and rust that is common on these plants.