The Bearded Irises Continues

These are the latest and greatest bearded irises ever! I am so glad I have them in my garden.  It really made me feel complete and I cannot ask for anything more from my garden! The colors are so spectacular and yummy on some of them!

For starters, look at this “Marrying Kind” bearded iris below! It has ALL of my favorite colors. I am enamored by its beauty! Never ever seen anything so pretty!!!

“Nelly Tardivier” Bearded Iris

No ID Bearded Iris

I am no fan of white flowers but these bearded irises have given me joy and perhaps the biggest inspiration for me to buy bearded irises. These were given to us at my mother-in-law’s funeral. The family wanted to give away her bearded iris collection to every family that attended, so you can imagine how many she had! Of course, the beauty of bearded irises is that they multiply easily so there are lots to give away.

“Starring” Bearded Iris

Oh, I love this bearded iris so much! What awesome colors!

Another No Id Bearded Iris

“Skirting the Issue” Bearded Iris

Here is another delightfully colored iris that just made its first appearance in my garden. It has all of my favorite colors. You’ll notice I gravitate towards purple and pink flowers a lot. I’m trying to be more adventurous and maybe get yellow next time!

That is all of the bearded irises for now. There maybe a few more new ones next month. Other than irises I have other interesting things to show you soon!

Spring Garden

Spring is the best time to see my garden. There are so many things to see and the colors are phenomenally vibrant. In the past few weeks, I have photographed dozens of pictures of my garden.

Initially, I wanted to do before and after photos but I realized it would take me too long to get all that together so I opted to do this quick take on my garden now. Here are some links to my garden in Aug 2020, then the following year May 2021, Feb 2022, and then Feb 2023. It’s hard to believe how much the rain and springtime has helped my garden to burst with colors so quickly from February 2023 to present day. Some parts look like a jungle compared to a few months ago.

Below is the “after” picture of one of the paths to my garden. You’ll see the “before” picture after that.

The photograph below is how this path to my garden looked before the wind took it down. If you look at the previous links above, this trellis was one of the two grand entrances into my garden. I had to trim the jasmine vines on the left, which I am sad about and will have to figure out a way for them to climb next year. The only good news is that my clematis, on the right, had to be trimmed off and is now getting ready to bloom with more buds than I’ve ever seen.

More Bearded Irises

As promised, I have more bearded irises to show this week. These past few weeks have been a real treat to discover new flowers in the garden!

The garden is bursting with all kinds of wonderful things that I haven’t seen since last spring. There were also things that I thought were long dead because they didn’t come up last year but came back this year. I’m so glad I didn’t dig them up. Moral of the story is that: don’t dig or throw out dead looking plants until after two seasons!!!

“Montmartre” Bearded Irises

“Wine Festival” Bearded Irises

NO ID Bearded Irises

This container had two kinds of bearded irises growing and both of which I have no idea what they are called because I inherited it from my mother-in-law after she passed away.

” Loveliness” Lavatera Trimestris

This is the plant I mentioned earlier about it coming back this year after looking dead for a whole season. It came back and grew three times bigger and more prolific than ever! The bush is about 3 feet tall with hundreds of flowers and buds.

Lord Waggles is taking a break from eating figs. My dogs kept stealing figs off of our tree and they have done it for years. I read that figs promote digestive and heart health.

Anyway, those are all the new irises this week. There are more to come. See you soon! Have a nice weekend!