Rhyming and Flowers

This post is short and sweet. See my flowers? See how they grow? Some are new and some are old. Some are in a pot and some are...in the ground. Lol. Terrible right? That's all I can muster this week. Peach Cascade Hibiscus No Name Hibiscuses Chrysanthemums Strybing Beauty Blushing Susie Thunbergia Mimosa Pudica Campanula … Continue reading Rhyming and Flowers

Queen Anne’s Lace and Blushing Susie

The names of these two aggressive, sometimes invasive growers are contradictory to their genteel and lady-like names. When they are planted in the ground they spread like wildfire in any season. These two are some of my favorite flowers growing in the garden right now . Queen Anne's Lace Queen Anne's Lace is such a … Continue reading Queen Anne’s Lace and Blushing Susie