Verbascum,Dianthus,Gomphrena, Geraniums, and More

I found a website that I can upload photos and design my own photo book.  It’s in the back of my mind for several months now. I wanted to pull all of my favorite photos of flowers and put in a book. It’s too hard to look at my blog for the past three years. I need a hard copy in this digital age. I’m thinking I need several volumes of it or just one gigantic volume. It will be an extensive project for sure.

For today, I will share some flowers in bloom this week.


Verbascum takes two years to flower so be patient.  They said that these flowers re-seed but so far I have not found to be the case. Flowers are amazing.  Last year my “Artic Summer” bloomed and it was spectacular!

“Artic Summer” from last year


GOMPHRENA “Fireworks”


These pink mini roses looking geraniums are the “Patricia” variety. They start off in white with pink centers and as they age or open fully, they turned to a beautiful lavender-pink color like the picture below. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!








A few days ago I got a gift card to spend at a local garden center for my birthday. Remember I said I wanted to be mindful of my selections and I found the best of what I wanted. These kangaroo paws are HIGHLY UNUSUAL, I’ve never seen anything like it. I bought a red one and a purple.

Along with the Kangaroo Paws, I also got two small azaleas in the most coveted colors…pink and purple…ah, favorite colors of mine.

That’s all I have now. I hope you have a great rest of the week. The weekend will come soon enough.

Fuchsias, Hollyhocks, Columbine, Strawflower, Mallows, and More

There are more exciting plants this week with some I have not expected and some I have been waiting a long time for. I just celebrated my birthday this week so with the arrival of these flowers, they are the perfect surprise gifts. I also got a gift card to a local garden center and logically I should go right away to use it but I held back. I wanted to THINK about what I REALLY, REALLY want this time. I have so many plants so I wanted this purchase to be really meaningful.

Part of me wants to buy hanging pots for epiphyllums, but then I wanted to buy a cute orchid too. Would it be better to buy much needed fertilizer instead or a houseplant? Hmmm, too many choices.




Did you notice there is a grasshopper eating the leaf in this picture? I watched him gobbled it. It was pretty cute so I let him have it, plus there were many leaves on the plant, I should share. I love this black hollyhock and grew this from seeds several years ago. I have not seen the parent plant for a season or so but last year these came up. They didn’t flower until this season. I have two tall hollyhock plants next to each other and about 12 feet away from where the parent plant used to be.


This alstroemeria is a surprise because I planted two years ago and it looked dead last year. This year it came up nice and tall. What a beautiful dusty pink color!


The golden yellow rose is the “At Last” rose and the pink is the Princess Charlene de Monaco rose. The At Last roses is mixed in here with my purple foxglove and pink geraniums.


What I love about this Chicago Peace rose is that it changes from a dark orange, melon colored, to light pink. This year it is blooming the best it has ever bloomed. The flowers are about 5 inches across.


This cape mallow is one of my most prized trees. When I see it, it makes me smile and gush about how adorable it looks. It is about 6 feet tall and bloomed more this second year, it’s still not the best blooms but I expect as it gets older it will get more prolific. I LOVE the deep purple in the center with white petals.


This shrub has been growing for almost two years and finally bloomed for the first time this year. It is about 7 feet tall with lots of bright pink flower like below and about a million little buds getting ready to bloom.


The purple is the “Rocky Mountain” and the yellow is grown from seeds mix called “Mrs. Scott Elliot”. That yellow columbine is a major surprise because I thought it died last spring when it disappeared after it was planted in the ground. What an AMAZING recovery! Beautiful yellow flowers in the midst of my mostly pinks and purples garden.



That’s all the flowers for now. More to come soon! Have a nice week ahead.


Alstroemerias are another one of my favorite flowers because of how easy it is to grow them. In Southern California, we have great conditions for them to grow with little water and some naturalize very easily.  They are usually used in flower arrangements.

I like them because they have interesting colors and strokes of colors inside their petals. They can be divided, so you get more for your money. They make great ground covers. This post has all of the alstroemerias growing in my garden.

While I am not a fan of white flowers usually, I got this from a friend and I kind of liked it. It looks pretty and delicate.




This NO ID pink flowers must re-seed like crazy because they can be found coming back year after year and spreading to various places in my garden.




That’s it for the alstroemerias. I must show you a picture of my cute baby Hunter in someone else’s bed.

Isn’t that ridiculously cute? He must think it’s fine.