Alstroemerias are another one of my favorite flowers because of how easy it is to grow them. In Southern California, we have great conditions for them to grow with little water and some naturalize very easily.  They are usually used in flower arrangements.

I like them because they have interesting colors and strokes of colors inside their petals. They can be divided, so you get more for your money. They make great ground covers. This post has all of the alstroemerias growing in my garden.

While I am not a fan of white flowers usually, I got this from a friend and I kind of liked it. It looks pretty and delicate.




This NO ID pink flowers must re-seed like crazy because they can be found coming back year after year and spreading to various places in my garden.




That’s it for the alstroemerias. I must show you a picture of my cute baby Hunter in someone else’s bed.

Isn’t that ridiculously cute? He must think it’s fine.


8 thoughts on “Alstroemerias

  1. You have a great collection of Alstroemerias. Interesting they are like ground covers for you. The white one is attractive and the apricot is a beauty. “LIGTU HYBRIDS” is fascinating. Happy Gardening.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I’m not sure why most of them are ground covers. I wonder if it’s because the soil where they’re at is claylike so it’s harder for them to grow deeper roots???

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