Epiphyllum Blooms

The epiphyllums I planted from cuttings in December 2020 are finally blooming. I posted about them in August of 2021. At the time they were about a year old. I forgot that it’s taken me 3 years since I acquired them when they were only about 6-8 inch cuttings. They grew long branches that are hard to keep them upright. I put mine in terracotta pots but I think eventually I will need a deeper and heavy pot to hold them steady. The flowers are definitely worth waiting for.



This epiphyllum below is a No Id one too. I got them from my uncle about 5 years ago and it has so many flower buds on it right now. Yesterday was when it opened. In the afternoon the second flower opened. The colors are so strong and vibrant it almost looked fake to me. They are very delicate flowers.

Can you believe that after all these branches came from just one cutting I received five years ago? I predict I will have a month of these flowers taking turns opening one at a time.

The second flower opened and here I was trying to get them to get in the same picture. They tend to droop down so I had to hold their faces up.

That’s all the epiphyllums to share for now. I hope more will flower soon for us to see. Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there. In anticipation of the extraordinary amount of food I will eat later today and the Coca Cola chocolate cake I plan to make, I will have to do some major running this morning.


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