Gladioluses,Roses, Camellias, Quince, and More

There are so many beautiful flowers this week! I always get so excited when I see the first flower of the season, mostly because I am thankful I didn’t kill them after last spring!

Everything feels new, even some older plants. It seems like the compost I spread a few months ago helped because a lot of plants are vigorously growing.



These “Koko Loco” roses are amazingly unique. They start off orange-red, then salmon colored, then changed to a pale brown. Ever seen a brown rose before? Not me.

I recently found out there is a rose “dethorner” out there, so I got one! Have you ever been pricked like the Dickens by a rose? It hurts like MAD and what’s worse, is trying to pull the tiny thorn out!!! I’ve had many thorn incidents so it’s worth a try of the dethorner.

“Dark Night” Rose

Another unique rose that is a deep red and yellow color combination.



“Daijokhan” Camellia

“Night Rider” Camellia


This plant is currently in a tiny 2 inch pot but it has such beautiful yellow plumes


This lilac is giving me some flowers finally after years of having it. I only figured out last year that I needed to trim it because they grow on new shoots. It has beautiful lavender colors.

COLUMBINE “Crimson Star”


GOMPHRENA “Fireworks”

That’s all for today but I will have more tomorrow or the next few days.


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