The Bearded Irises Continues

These are the latest and greatest bearded irises ever! I am so glad I have them in my garden.  It really made me feel complete and I cannot ask for anything more from my garden! The colors are so spectacular and yummy on some of them!

For starters, look at this “Marrying Kind” bearded iris below! It has ALL of my favorite colors. I am enamored by its beauty! Never ever seen anything so pretty!!!

“Nelly Tardivier” Bearded Iris

No ID Bearded Iris

I am no fan of white flowers but these bearded irises have given me joy and perhaps the biggest inspiration for me to buy bearded irises. These were given to us at my mother-in-law’s funeral. The family wanted to give away her bearded iris collection to every family that attended, so you can imagine how many she had! Of course, the beauty of bearded irises is that they multiply easily so there are lots to give away.

“Starring” Bearded Iris

Oh, I love this bearded iris so much! What awesome colors!

Another No Id Bearded Iris

“Skirting the Issue” Bearded Iris

Here is another delightfully colored iris that just made its first appearance in my garden. It has all of my favorite colors. You’ll notice I gravitate towards purple and pink flowers a lot. I’m trying to be more adventurous and maybe get yellow next time!

That is all of the bearded irises for now. There maybe a few more new ones next month. Other than irises I have other interesting things to show you soon!


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