The Descent of a Slug

This is a true story of how a slug can drop from a 15 inches high table and still survive.

A few days ago I noticed a brown blob on my dog’s cream-colored coat. I looked at it closely to make sure it wasn’t poop because my dog likes to roll around in the grass, usually in the same places his brother Hunter pooped. I saw that it was this tiny baby slug on Lord Waggles back. I picked it off gently and placed him on a piece of paper to take it outside later. I left it on the coffee table that is about 15 inches tall.

Lord Waggles and Hunter

After about 10 minutes or so, I looked down, expecting the slug to be somewhere near the spot where I left him, saw that he had disappeared. Then I saw him dangling off the coffee table about 3 inches from the ground. He was held up by a very thin line of his own slime. See pictures below.

If you noticed, his antennas were pointing down, and that was what he landed gracefully down on. It was a slow, flawless landing. I was in awe of this creature. I didn’t know they could do that!

Rest assured, I took him outside after that landing.

This goes to show you how great and innovative God is when He made these creatures, giving them and us the ability to survive…in many conditions we thought not possible!


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