Hibiscuses, Roses, and More

Every day before and after I go to work, I always visit my garden. There is always something growing or blooming out there and new flowers emerge every day. Most days I take my camera out with me just in case I see something interesting. If I don’t remember to take pictures then that perfect picture opportunity is gone. Flowers always look best when they first open so timing is very important.

Take a look at the Dutch Iris “Red Embers” below, it looks purple-brown here and it is very vibrant because it is newly bloomed. The next day after the sun has hit it, it changed a bit more brown. I will try to post an “after” picture of it soon. I bought a bunch of these bulbs but it looks like this one is the only one that bloomed so far. Irises are so unique in colors. I LOVE them!



This hibiscus is one of the most sought after hibiscus I owned. I bought another one on Ebay but it died and it was a small seedling. This one was purchased from Logee’s and it is blooming for the second year now. It is in a very bad location I think so it hasn’t flowered as much. The flowers are so beautifully purple.

These Lavatera have no specific name that I can think of right at the moment but it died off after the fall season two years ago and all of a sudden it popped up a few months ago. I gave up on it so I started planting new roses there. Now it is towering over my small rose bush!


I love this raised bed of flowers I have here on my cemented patio. It was the BEST thing I’ve ever grown in this raised bed and I love the colorful mix in this, don’t you? It was all accidental. The nasturtiums pictured below overtook the bed, it just appeared one day in this raised bed. Like I mentioned in a couple of blogs before, nasturtiums are great plants that naturalize and you will never have to worry about planting it again. I did intentionally put the white anemones here and that tall spike of white flowers of some plant I can’t remember. The tulips are hiding underneath these nasturtiums.


I love corylopsis for their beautiful yellow-green flowers.





I really intended to post the before and after photos of my garden but the new flowers thrilled me so much that I started sharing these photos instead. Plus the other takes more time to dig through my massive collection of photos. I will get to it soon though because I do want to document it by way of my blogs.

So as an excuse for you, I say that just today a thought came to me and that is: I am a gardener (first and foremost) and not a blogger or social media guru. I don’t take a whole lot of time to learn WordPress to promote my blog. There are so many things I really wish I can change about my WordPress format but I don’t have time. I do spend an inordinate amount of time in my garden and chauffeuring my family around on the weekends. With that, I am OFF to chauffeur my family to find the best bowl of PHO right now. Have a great weekend everyone!


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