Patience and Flowers

These two can be related.

When I was a teenager and as a young adult, I was very impatient.  I was always rushing around in my zippy little car, trying to get to places as quickly as possible or just running late, most of the time.

Even now, my family thinks I’m a crazy driver but I have slowed down quite a bit from my younger years. Sometimes I take such crazy risks that I later thought I could have gotten myself killed if it hadn’t been for God’s grace.

In the last few years I re-evaluated my time and realized there is no hurry for anything. I realized I should  leave earlier so that I am not running late to work. I shouldn’t run a red light and potentially put myself and others in danger just to save a few minutes.

I also learned patience and tolerance towards others on the road. When I see slow drivers on the freeway trying to change lane, I usually slow down and let them pass because I reminded myself that the driver is timid and new like my teenage son. I would want someone else to be kind to him like that, too.

With flowers, you need to be patient and to see them improve, too. The older the plant, the better the blooms. All the flowers below took more than a year to get to be prolific bloomers. The Belgravia Rose below took two years to be this prolific and colorful. Same with the ranunculus and nasturtiums.








And, of course, my whole garden took over three years of patience to be this green and beautiful.


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