How the Succulents are Doing

Well, they seem to be blooming or getting ready to bloom.

My succulents are neglected most of the time. I give them once a week watering in the hot summers and the rest of the year I water about every 2-3 wks. Early spring is when they start to get ready to flower like these pictures. I’ve killed many succulents in the past with overwatering and underwatering so now I am more conservative about it.

I don’t fertilize them but I just started adding compost to help them last week so hopefully that will give them some nutrition. I have succulents in pots and in the ground, the ones in the ground are, of course, in the best shape, as you will see.





Below are all the succulents I have in the ground. They are spreading like wildfire. They are under a large brugmansia tree and gets a few hours of sun each day. My Aeonium “Sunburst” is quite happy here. It is quite large, about 14 inches in diameter.

That’s all the flowers I have in this post. It has stopped raining here in Southern California for a few days and I will have some time to play in the garden this weekend. I do have more pictures to post but that will have to be some time in the next few days. Bye for now! Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your patronage. A HUGE thank you to my long-time followers.


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