Garden, Flowers, and Dogs

Last week I said I was going wordless in the last post but I ended up ranting a whole lot. I was planning to make this wordless too but I find that I can’t resist giving you some write-up about some of the interesting things you will see in this post. Enjoy the flowers and my colorful garden, flowers, and dog.

The two landscape photos of my garden below are my favorites. I am in awe of the colors and the sunset giving it a beautiful glow.

Dutch Iris getting ready to bloom

Italian Ranunculus “Striato Giallo”

“Red Baron” peach tree blossoms

“Babcock” peach tree blossoms

Cerinthe Major

Anemone “Italian Mistral” that refuses to open so we can only enjoy side views

This interesting plant below is my ornamental kale grown in the spring of 2021. I first mentioned it here. It has now evolved into this fascinating plant I imagined would be found in the ocean. It looks like two flowers are trying to grow in this plant but since they didn’t have room to expand, they are a bit misshapen. The branch is about 3 feet long and circled at the bottom like a snake.

The picture below is of the kale originally in December 2021.


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