Daffodils, Stocks, and More

The past few weeks have been pretty cold for me to go outside to do gardening. When I say cold, I meant the low 40s and 50s degree Fahrenheit. I went outside last week and found all kinds of flowers in my garden.  I was glad to see spring signaling that it is around the corner again.

This week my daffodils flowered and multiplied.

These stock flowers were planted last spring from seeds but this winter is when they have really taken off. The white was quick to bloom last fall but the purple one just started a few weeks ago.

Also the white stock plants are sprawling on the ground while the purple one is standing tall. I don’t know why.

Right on time for the Lunar New Year is this yellow jasmine vine. I trimmed this one back quite a bit and see how beautifully it flowered?

My “Blushing Belle ” abutilon below is blooming again. I rarely have great looking plants in a pot but this one is doing really well. Nice and delicate bell shaped flowers!

These desert roses have been blooming inside for over a couple of months. The trick to growing them inside the house (I discovered accidentally) with the heater running and all is not to water them for at least a month or two. If it wilts that means it needs water. I am beginning to understand desert roses better now.

This desert Rose’s branch was held up by a stake when it wilted. Once I watered it, it perked up again without support.

Other plants that are continuing to bloom are ornamental kale and purple iochromas.

That is all this week! I hope you enjoy your weekend! See you soon!


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