Desert Roses and Bearded Irises

This weekend I wanted to share some pictures of my desert roses and bearded irises. While not many things are blooming outside in my garden, desert roses and bearded irises are making a big scene this week.

I’ve been in love with desert roses (also called adeniums) for a long time. Years ago I tried growing them from seeds and was successful for a few months after they grew to about 1 inch and then killed it. Later, I bought a very expensive grown plant like the ones below and killed it by too much watering. This time, I think I got it??? It’s been a live for at least four months.

Here’s what I learned about keeping it alive: NO WATER in the winter; warm and sunny location; ignore it altogether. I took it indoors and sat it on a south-facing bay window. I think these were meant to bloom in the spring but maybe it was confused by the season since it came from Thailand and have been fertilized to bloom right now. I bought them a few months back with tiny buds on. I bought another set of white adeniums and they all dropped their leaves which I assumed from stress during shipping.

I believe if I pinched off some of the flowers here, I could get ONE really big 2-3 inch flower. I hate to kill things off like that, seems too cruel. I will just keep these going like that for now.

Another desert rose plant is getting ready to bloom below, it is supposed to be red. The other ones above were supposed to be white with some red center. They don’t look like their nursery tags at all so I have no confidence in them looking like the nursery picture.

Here in this window are three desert roses. One is tall and lost the buds while being transported from the local garden center to my house. It had about 4-6 buds when I picked it out. I dropped it on the floor and ever since then the plant must have gone to shock and dried up their buds.

Outside, a few new bearded irises bloomed last week while we had a huge rainstorm. I planted in the spring last year, I believe. I love the colors! Check them out!

I’m not sure what the purple iris is but the orange iris is called “Main Street”. There are several flowers but the rain beat them down so much some petals got mushy but I managed to get one fully opened here.

That’s all about desert roses and bearded irises for now. I hope you enjoyed them. Have a great week ahead.

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