Random Weather and Garden Things

Happy new year everyone! This is my first post of the year!

This post I would like to share some interesting plants and scenery these past weeks. With the holidays coming and going back to back in the past couple of months it is good to take a moment to relax again.

To start, I wanted to share this beautiful and unique little orchid called Bulbophyllum Medusae that I just acquired. It is a beautiful and interesting plant and yes, you guessed  it, looks like Medusa’s hair.

The first picture showed its hair was sticky and each tendrils were not fully opened. It just came out of its shell! The other two showed it fully opened. I think it was in bloom for about two weeks before the bottom tendrils started getting brown. I don’t know if the flower died off quickly because of the heater running in the house or if they are supposed to last only 2 weeks. I included a picture of its dying form below.

I’m still a novice at growing this bearded iris but it looks like a gigantic seed is popping out of this iris. It cannot be anything else! What do you do with that? I’ve never seen anything like that on a bearded iris. Does anyone know?

The sky was awesome a few weeks ago. These pictures are of the sky about a week before the longest  rainstorms we’ve had in 2022. Those cloud patterns are the coolest I’ve ever seen! The ones below are in the front of the house.

These pictures below were taken from the backyard of my house. Interesting patterns, aren’t they?

Next is my winter garden as it is now. After having seen my “Best Flowers of 2022” posted a few days ago you would expect my garden to be spectacular like ones straight out of a garden magazine. Sadly, my garden is not so pretty and organized like those gardens…mine is full of weeds and dead plants. I don’t have fancy garden paths or a focal point, my garden is designed with meandering paths, sometimes looking like a jungle. The plan was to wait for all the bushes, trees, and plants to fill up those spots and become a maze-like, secret garden. See for yourself how much further I have to go:

After a heavy rainy day, the ground was muddy.

Borage plant is growing huge leaves in the bottom center of the photo.

The only plants blooming right now are bearded irises, ornamental kales, roses, and hibiscuses. The Dutch Irises in the photo below are the tall green onions looking stems in the lower right. I  expect those to bloom February to March.

That’s all for today! I have more to talk about but I will save for later.


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