Best Flowers of 2022

As we finish off 2022, I’d like to showcase all of my favorite flowers that were mentioned in the blog for the past year. It was an AMAZING year of beautiful flowers again! Before posting this I thought I wasn’t going to have as many beautiful flowers as I’ve had in the past but after perusing my photo collection, I realized I was wrong. I haven’t had an abundance of blooms on many plants but each plant gave me enough flowers to fawn over. I am so excited about all the successes I’ve had with new varieties of seeds and plants that I experimented with in 2022.

Most of the plants I have here are hibiscuses (my #1 favorite), lilies, roses, camellias, bearded irises, ranunculus, and daffodils. Other favorites are fuchsias, anemones, poppies, alstroemerias, brugmansias, statices, abutilons, peonies, and geraniums. New plants this year are ornamental kale, orchids, buckwheats, didiscus, linarias, lisianthus, dianthuses, salvias, cleomes, strawflowers, gomphrenas, voodoo lily, powder puff, and gloriosa lilies. I won’t list the plants I’ve showcased here but send me a message if you’re dying to know certain plants from each groupings.













This concludes my 2022 flower collection. So many beautiful colors, shapes, and forms. All of the beauties in this year of flowers are once again attributed to the creativeness of our GREAT and WONDERFUL FATHER, who blessed me and you with the ability to see them. Have a happy 2023 and may your world be as beautiful as these!


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