More on Ornamental Kale

This is the year of ornamental kale.

I grew a pink ornamental kale two years ago but this year I grew several different kinds. They are called the Lucir White and Kale Crane varieties in pink, red, and white.

I wrote about some that were in my Ornamental Kale post a few weeks ago. Ones in this post were mostly planted in the front yard. 

I have never seen anyone grow these or any garden centers carry them. It takes a really long time for them to get to this flowering stage.  It gets better and better each day. The colors and size intensify as the weather gets colder. These kale have been growing from seeds since January this year.  The colors are exquisite and in all the pink and cream shades that I love. 

The branches can get pretty leggy and they tend to circle around on the ground like a snake as visible in the picture below.  I was supposed to give them some kind of support so that they would stand but that’s too much work. These could be cut into bouquets but I’d rather they stay outside and enjoy for a lot longer.

The one below is larger than the size of my hand and as you can see the color pink is particularly vibrant here.

I also have an amazing, sultry, burgundy-red camellia in bloom right now called “Night Rider”. I’ve never seen one more beautiful! It blooms in the winter. This is the second year in the ground and there are a lot of buds getting ready to bloom.

Last of all is this beautiful orchid. Isn’t that awesome? I normally like to buy small seedling orchids because they are cheaper and I don’t mind that they take a couple of years before they bloom. I splurged on this one and bought it “in spike”, which means ready-to-bloom-any-minute-now!  I could die a thousand deaths for these flowers any day! 

Okay, no more gushing. That’s all I have for now. Go out there and enjoy the weekend before Christmas! Have a wonderful weekend!

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