Ornamental Kale

The ornamental kale that I grew earlier this winter have finally changed colors and taken shape. It is a slow process so patience is needed for growing ornamental kale.

The only one that is the oldest is the one below which I first talked about back in December 2021. Yes, it is the same one but has completely changed! The branch grew longer and older leaves fell off making room for new flower. In my pictures below the branch grew about 4 feet long and circled at the bottom. New pink petals replaced green ones from earlier in the year. This one is one of the most amazing plants I’ve ever grown and it’s called “Crane Pink”.

Here are other ornamental kale varieties I grew from seeds this past January. Most are grown in poor soil with little fertilizers, so easy right? Something in my yard has been eating the leaves as you can see.

These adorable little cream and pink kale is called “Lucir White”. They grew tiny little flowers on short stems of about 9-11 inches long.

Other flowers in my garden are this new camellia I just put in the ground a few month ago. I don’t grow things well in pots so anything I love, I always try to put in the ground.

This gerbera daisy pot my husband received from his work. I am in love with this deep red and planned to put it in a bigger pot soon. Gerbera do better in pots for me so it’s one of few plants that I will keep in pots long-term. I have beautiful pink ones in pots too.

“Twilight Zone” rose

I don’t know what kind of bearded iris this is. I got them from my mother-in-law long ago before I cared about gardening. They were in pots but I started putting them in the ground and now they’ve really taken off. They have at least 4-5 flowers so far already.

This “Alfred Sisley” rose is beautiful but I don’t own it…YET! It’s big and more expensive than what I want to pay. I found it at my local Home Depot store and have been dreaming of it these past two weeks.

That’s all today! Long Thanksgiving weekend is over and tomorrow back to the grind.


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