Dogs, Flowers, and Interesting Things

This week I have a bunch of cute and interesting pictures I want to share. Some are pictures of my dogs and some are pretty flowers in the garden. I also found some interesting grasshoppers in my backyard. Plus you’ll find out how I love planes!


Let’s start with my dogs! My dogs are so cute in these pictures. Hunter, the tan-colored hound below likes to be buried under blankets. His tail was sticking out so I let him sniff it to see if he knows it’s his. Sometimes the way he looked at me when I showed him his tail, I don’t think he knew it belonged to him. He always had a puzzled expression! Or maybe it was an expression of “what do you want me to do with that”?

I love it when he sits on the couch like this waiting to be bombarded with kisses all over his face. Doesn’t that face begged to be bombarded? Sometimes he looked worried too because I think he knows what will happen to him next.

This cafe-au-lait-colored dog below is Lord Waggles. He likes to sleep on my husband’s leg. He’s precious when he has his eyes open too. He’s the one that likes to sleep on his back in the garden.

Now on to flowers…

Geranium (Pelargoniums) Flowers

A few interesting looking geraniums that I grew are blooming this last week. These are some unique ones I have never seen at my local garden centers. I like them because they resemble mini roses, especially the appleblossom pelargoniums.

“Pink Rosebud pelargoniums
“Appleblossom Rosebud” pelargoniums


These are soooooo pretty. I love the dark magenta flowers. There are many and they last a long time, like two months or more.

“Chicago Peace” Rose


Poinsettias are making their appearance as we get closer to winter. This one below has leaves that are starting to turn red.

This one below is the yellow poinsettias and it is also starting to change color. It is a beautiful yellow chartreuse color. Last year I found a pink-orange colored poinsettia but it died somehow. I’m going to buy those again for Christmas this year.


I found two grasshoppers mating in my plants. These are not your average grasshoppers! I’ve only seen the brown variety but never a green or a transparent, albino kind. Have you? By the time I got my camera out they already split up but below are pictures of these weird creatures.

Sorry this grasshopper was shy, it only showed me its behind and refused to get her head out of the plants. You can see how delicate and transparent her limbs are.


I love planes, trains, and automobiles! So last weekend my husband and I went to an outdoor concert by the airport. We saw many airplanes go by. There were one every 10-20 seconds. My camera is no good zooming in but here are the best two I captured. Planes fascinate me! They fascinate me because they reminded me of the first time I boarded an American airplane coming to the U.S. as an immigrant from Viet Nam.

Now that concludes this week’s post! I hope you enjoy your weekend. Thanksgiving for us here in the U.S. next Thursday and I will have a four day weekend so I am looking forward to more time in the garden!


3 thoughts on “Dogs, Flowers, and Interesting Things

  1. This is so nice! Your post always feels to calm and soothing to read… Also, I have a fascination for aeroplanes too! They remind me of all the faraway places that I’ve been to and all those that are yet to be visited.. Kind of reminds me of my life goals… Also, love your dogs ♥


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