After a year of growing in the ground with no flowers I decided to read up on these iochroma cyaneas. They were growing taller and bushier every minute for the past year but no flowers!

I learned that you have to trim them in order for them to bloom. I still can’t figure out whether they are blooming on new growth or old branches. It’s really hard to tell when looking at the branches. They just appeared out of nowhere. The last few weeks I have a lot more of these flowers after I trimmed them a month ago. So below are some of their amazing colors.

IOCHROMA “Princess”

This “Princess” bush is about 7 feet tall and it was planted last spring. She is a fast grower for sure.

IOCHROMA “Royal Blue”

The “Royal Blue” has not been quite as quick to grow. It is currently only about 4 feet tall even though it was planted only a few months after the “Princess” iochroma. I love these colors because they are so vibrant.

That’s all I have this week. Daily savings time ended for us last week so I haven’t been able to catch any flowers blooming out there when I get home from work. It was cold and dark outside so I’ve been staying indoor most evenings. This weekend I have three days to work on my garden. Hopefully I will feel motivated enough to get out and do some serious planting and transplanting.

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