Roses, Hibiscuses, and Brugmansias

This week I am seeing a lot of pretty roses in my garden. The weather has been cooler and feels more like fall season. Hibiscuses seem to like this time of year too because they have been flowering more. Last week I showed you some hibiscuses and brugmansias. There are more this week but they are different colors or posed differently. They’re just great pictures to share.


“Koko Loko” roses
“Princess Charlene de Monaco” roses
“Sparkle and Shine” rose
“Chicago Peace” rose

Moss Roses or Portulaca

These were grown from seeds earlier this winter and it has been flowering these past few months. The flowers are pretty mini roses-like. They are more like groundcovers. Next spring I will grow them in small pots.


The pink hibiscus below is one that I’ve grown from seeds 2 years ago and finally bloomed. I think it’s because I kept it in partial shade this time and it received more frequent watering from the sprinkler. This pink is so lovely and delicate. I love it!

The dark pink hibiscus below is the “Rubrum” of the hibiscus mutabilis variety. This is the first flower ever and I’m very excited. It started out like the picture below and opens to a medium dark pink color. It’s a big beautiful flower. I still have it in a 4 inch pot waiting to go somewhere in the ground soon.


I know you’ve seen some of these last week but they are more abundant and different this time. So pretty! Look at those huge bulbous seed-looking things near the flowers!

That’s all the flowers this week. Hopefully something exciting will bloom again soon. See you next week!

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