Hibiscuses, Daturas, Rain Lilies, and More

Yes, more hibiscuses!

Those of you who follow my blog probably see a million pictures of all my hibiscuses year round. It feels like they bloom all the time. They seem to do the most in late summer to early fall. You’ve heard that they’re my favorites, probably?

Today I’m going to be very short and pithy in this post and just launch right into the flower show. I had a rough week and wanted to share some bible verses that got me through dealing with some very difficult people. I will share that tomorrow perhaps for a perfect Sunday message!


“Ballerina Yellow” Datura or Angel’s Trumpet



Chrysanthemums mixed with white
Zinnias “Raspberry Lemonade” mix

That’s all I have this week but don’t be surprised if I talk about hibiscuses again! It’s all the rage these days! Bye now!

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