Purple and Pink Flowers

This week I was excited to see some of my purple and pink flowers bloom. It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve seen major developments in my garden. For those who know me, I grow a lot of purple and pink flowers. Love them to death! They are two of my favorite colors.

I am particularly excited that this clematis finally flowered again. I have such bad luck growing clematis. I have six clematis plants but I never seem to get a big flush of blooms like I’ve seen on other sites. In fact, this one below is the second to bloom in a looooooong time. This is the ” General Sikorski ” clematis that I’ve had for a couple of years and it has been coming back every year. Flowers are truly vibrant as pictured but so far JUST ONE.

Morning Glory Tree

I am so in LOVE with this tree. I planted it in front of my rain barrel to disguise it. It has the most beautiful mix of purple-pink flowers I have EVER seen! It blooms profusely since mid spring. Every time I look out my patio door and see this, it reminded me that God blessed me with this beautiful tree. It has grown to about 3 feet tall since I first planted it earlier this spring. It was about 14 inches in the beginning. I hope it will survive all year here.

Opus Aster

These were grown from seeds and just started blooming. These took a really long time to grow. I’ve grown them since early spring and it is only about 7 inches tall, to be fair, it is growing in terrible clay soil with only a few hours of sunlight. I worry moving it now may hurt it. I love the delicate pink color so much.

Gomphrena “Carmine”

This beautiful purple flower is also known as a globe amaranth but I think it is a hybrid and not your typical straight up gomphrena. I adore the shape and colors of this plant. It is usually a 2 feet tall upright stem with bright and cheerful purple colors like pictured. Gomphrena is one of my new top favorite plants.

I’m not quite sure but I strongly believe this is also a gomphrena. It just looks so much like a strawflower, which I was growing at the same time but I lost the plant label so I have no idea.

Gerbera Daisies

These flowers of mine loves to grow in a pot. I tried growing them in the ground and they were miserable. I potted them up and they love an every-other-day deep watering in the hot summer sun. They bloom profusely. I think I have finally discovered the secret of growing gerbera daisies in containers!

Geranium “Lord Bute”

This is the prettiest color of all geraniums! I think these plants are probably older than my 16 year old son! It has been in my garden for so long and it has stretched out all over in a semi-shady spot along the side of my house. I love the colors in this. Every once in a while it blooms unique white and purple flowers too like the ones you see below. It doesn’t seem to be picky about soil and doesn’t stink like some geraniums. I dislike growing geraniums that are stinky.


This gladiolus is a beautiful pastel purple. I’ve never seen anything with such a nice color blue purple like this before. I love these but it is growing in a very bad area and hasn’t produced as many bulbs as it should by now. I will have to dig it up and put it somewhere in the yard this fall.

Ok, I will stop gushing about my flowers for now and let you go enjoy your weekend. Remember, if you are feeling down, look to a flower or garden nearby to remind you that God is near and those flowers are probably blooming for you 🙂


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