Aza Pendant

I made myself another pendant last Sunday. I needed a pendant with silver and pink colors to go with some of my outfits so ergo the Aza pendant in this post. I got the free pendant pattern from Lately I’ve been into make pendants because they are quick projects that I can do in an hour or so. I used to make rings too but then I realized rings bother me sometimes when I wear them. It feels too constrictive.

Just for fun, I will post some pictures of the rings I’ve made at the bottom of the page.

This pendant has 11/0 silver seed, Czech bicone, and SuperDuo beads. Instead of using Nymo beading thread which is thin and will make the pendant wimpy, I opted to use the 6 lb. Fireline beading thread which is a bit stiffer so it will make my pendant more firm and sturdy. I have black seed beads in this tray because I was flirting with the idea of making a black and silver pendant too.

Pictured below are all of the rings that I’ve made. Some are better looking than others. Some were earlier projects and I didn’t make it so well or chose wrong color beads for the projects. They are really pretty though.

Funny story, a long time ago I sent a friend a picture of me wearing one of my beaded bracelets, all my friend said was how dry my wrist was. So, for this picture I made sure my hands were well lubricated to present my rings properly. Nice, eh?

Ok that’s all I have today. I want to show you other pendants I’ve made in the past but I would need to find out the names of them. Some are a lot more elaborate than this Aza pendant. More for next time. Bye for now!

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