Gloriosa, Sweet Peas, Godetia, and More

As a blogger, have you noticed that most views happen on Saturdays, Wednesdays, or Fridays, in that order of importance? I noticed most of the seasoned bloggers post on THOSE days. They must know something. Normally I don’t like to emulate anyone but I noticed those are the most popular days for me as well.

Recently, I signed up for a free WordPress class at my library and it is a 6 wks class, I think. It’s two weeks in and I’ve only logged in once. Terribly lazy, I know!  Well, the first few classes are super boring like how to set up a site blah blah blah. I hope to learn more later this week when they explain how to make the site more user friendly???

Ok, I rambled enough. Now, on to my garden and flowers. My garden looks somewhat green here but if you look closely, the grass is pure dead.  We are in a supposed “water crisis” in California so we are not allowed to water the lawn or something. My garden is a crazy mess right now with grass and weeds taking control. It isn’t quite the cottage garden that I had envisioned. I really need help.

My garden looks so overgrown with stuff and weeds are all over. Sometimes when I take pictures for my blog, I’m always careful to pluck them out of the way or angle it in a way to make it look all nice and perfect for you. That is an art in itself which I think I am pretty good at.

Anyway, I am happy some of the sweet peas that I’ve grown two years ago are finally flowering. Aren’t they fabulous? I heard they are easy to grow but it hasn’t been for me. It took me two years to see them like this. I said if they didn’t grow at the end of this summer I would throw the whole lot out, now look at THAT! They are lightly scented. I love that purple!

Red Gloriosa

I have been trying to grow these in pots for almost two spring seasons now and finally got the watering schedule correct and did not overwater! I realized growing bulbs in pots mean that you need to let them dry out in between so they don’t turn to mush and rot. Such an amazing plant. I  would love to have these in more colors. This is another one of God’s amazing gift to enjoy.

Scabiosa Mix

In this display I grew a clump of scabiosa mixed colors seedlings in one spot and this turned out to be the most unique display of flowers I have ever seen in my garden.  I love all the colors intermingling. Hopefully, the seeds will drop everywhere else in my garden for next year. Actually, scabiosas grow year-round in my garden.

Bee Balm Bergamot

This bee balm is beginning to open up. I grew it from seeds indoors and transplanted in March. I was so excited I had to take a picture right away before something trample on it. Beautiful color!


These gomphrenas are charming the heck out of me. They are little pompoms on a stick! They make great groundcovers. These were grown from seeds in February.

No ID Hibiscus

I’m not sure which one this is because I am not very good at keeping track of all the plant names. It is a very small plant that packs a punch with this big lovely flower. The pot is about 2 x 4 inches big. I thought that it might be a color that is similar to one I had seen at a neighbor’s house. For a long time I was hunting all over the internet for an orange-yellow hibiscus that looked like my neighbor’s. This doesn’t come close but is really adorable. It makes me smile when I see it bloom.


I grew this little godetia from seeds in February too. I just love the dark pink stripe in the center. What boldness! This picture is from last week but yesterday I saw two flowers. That’s a good sign in my garden…that means it is thriving, not dying.

Well, time to say goodbye for now. I am off to see the new Minion movie that just came out (a month ago). I love those minions and have seen everyone of them so far! Taking my teenage boys and his friends (I’m chauffeuring) but I promised them that I would stay far away from them at the theater so that they don’t see me. More updates on other flowers next week!

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