Voodoo Lily, Lisianthus, and More Flowers

This post has a lot of hard to grow plants, at least for me. I grew some of these from seeds and it took a long time, 2-3 years to get them to grow big and flower for me. The rose mallow and lisianthus are challenging taking TOO MANY years to flower! However, only the lisianthus is worth the wait. Check them out below.

Pink Voodoo Lily

Fascinating plant this voodoo lily, I was shocked it actually grew. It sat in my garden since early February and only sprouted about a month ago. Isn’t it weird looking? It looks like a worm is peeping through. GROSS!!! Looks like it’s not too happy with the dead leaf or something nearby. I don’t think she is hardy in our zone 10.


Grown from seeds last spring. It didn’t flower last year but this year, I had multiple flowers shaped like small roses. The seeds are super miniscule and hard to put in the soil to grow. These flowers are so pretty, looking like roses without the thorns. I grew some more this year but I don’t think anything survived.

Dahlia, Cactus Hybrids

These were from seeds, not hard but interesting as I have never grown dahlia from seeds before. I put many seeds down but only 2 survived. I have just the yellow one here but the pink is really vibrant too. No picture of it yet but hopefully it will give me a nice flower to take a photo of.

Rose of Sharon and Rose Mallow Hibiscuses

This rose mallow is ridiculously hard to grow. I’ve had it for 3 years (grown from seeds) and I have seen it flower twice. They grow just fine year round, I saw buds the last few weeks but it must have bloomed only a couple of hours during the day and when I come home it has gone kaput! I may get rid of it at some point, not worth the space or effort for a couple of flowers. It is pretty though as you can see. In these pictures it is nestled in my plumeria tree.

These Rose of Sharon hibiscuses are so pretty. They made me smile when I see them. Did I tell you all forms of hibiscuses are my #1 favorite flowers? A lot of my posts are about hibiscuses. I have probably 17 varieties.

I know the one below is pictured at the end of the day after it had the sun beating down on it, tarnishing its beautiful, vibrant petals. I LOVE this color purple! It brings me joy to look at it.

Abutilon Blushing Belle

What a sweet and adorable little thing! I purchased this one last December and it has flowered twice now. Each little flower is bright pink standing on spindly branches. These shorties spent all their energy on flowering instead of growing tall! I love the big flower show they put out each time.

This is all I have time to show you right now. I hope you enjoyed my flowers. Come again, real……….soon. Wait! Let’s end our time with this little knucklehead below!

Lord Waggles taking a nap

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