Bali Pendant

I have been putting off beading for a long time, so this past weekend I made time to create this pendant. As I was making it, I remembered how much FUN it is to create using different beads and color combinations. I get so excited to see the finished product!

This design is given by the good, generous people on This is not a paid advertising but they have great patterns and are free, just wanted to share. They have beautiful and easy patterns, most can be done in a day. I finished this pattern within an hour.

This pattern requires seed 11/0, Arcos par Puca (turquoise colored), 4mm round beads but I used grayish bicones, and silver Superduo (honeycomb shaped) beads.

See below my working mat which included all my supplies for the project. This tray is a lifesaver in the world of beading because you can take it anywhere and leave in place for each project. Notice the tiny thread I used and the sliver of a needle? My eyes have gotten bad with age but so far I am still able to thread a needle of that size.

Hopefully I can post more beading projects in the next few months. I am hoping to go back to school soon too so I will probably be stretched real thin! The important thing is gotta remember to schedule time for it!

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