Lilies and Hibiscuses

After I came back from vacation I noticed my garden had a big burst of blooms from my lilies and hibiscuses. The weather had been around 90 degrees Fahrenheit every day this past week. Every morning before I go to work I would water all the pots and vulnerable plants like hydrangeas. By the afternoon, all the plants in smaller pots wilted.

A few seedlings died while I was on vacation but I am TRYING to come to terms that I can’t save every plant I have out there. I hate to see things die so it’s hard to take time off from watering when it’s hot outside. I just have to learn to let it go.

Speaking of things that died…on the day we came back from vacation, our housesitter told us she let one of our naughty dogs, Hunter, out at 3 a.m. and he sniffed a dead skunk or something because he came back with the stench! First thing I did when we came home was air out all the rooms and gave both dogs a bath. Hunter had 3-4 skunk shampoo washes on his face! I had my husband disposed of the skunk carcass and it reeked for days after! Something always goes wrong with the dogs whenever we go on vacation. This Hunter dog is a super manipulator! He whines and cries until they let him out. I never let him do that!


Lavon Lily
Royal Sunset Lily
Pretty Lady Lily Tree
Purple Lady Lily


Althea White Rose of Sharon Hibiscus

That’s all the lilies and hibiscuses for this weekend. Have a great weekend! Stay hydrated and cool wherever you are.

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