Day 2-4 Reno and Lake Tahoe

Ooops! I made a mistake the other day in my post about my road trip vacation.  I forgot to post pictures of my Reno visit!  We didn’t stay long enough to explore and get nice pictures but there are several nice areas I wouldn’t mind retiring to some day. There are parts that looked a little bit rural and small community-like.

Reno, Nevada

We stayed in Reno for only one night after we traveled for most of the day from Death Valley. Pictured here is the historic landmark Reno Arch which served as a downtown gateway. The Arch is usually lit up, Las Vegas casino-style at night. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay to see that since we were tired from traveling for over 5 hours on the road. It is within walking distance to the popular Riverwalk which we also skipped out on. Darn!

We did manage to get a picture of the National Bowling Stadium which I thought was the coolest structure there in downtown with a shiny, silver dome. For reference, it was shown in the 1996 film Kingpin which started Bill Murray and Woody Harrelson.

South Lake Tahoe

After we left Reno, we stayed in Lake Tahoe for two nights with almost two full days in Tahoe.

The pictures below are at Pope Beach which is a beautiful, sandy beach. It is calm and scenic but on the 2 days we were there the water was so cold. Daytime temps were around 62-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Early in the morning temps were around 32-36 degrees.

Emerald Bay

We drove by Emerald Bay but could not stop because all the available parking areas at all the lookouts were packed. If you drive around the lake, it’s best to go way early and not go around 11 in the morning like we did. We don’t normally go to popular places so late but we didn’t plan to go there specifically that morning. The drive around the lake is the prettiest though.

Beach at Lakeland Village in Heavenly

Our hotel was right in front of this beach and everything was in walking distance to restaurants and the shops at Heavenly Village. If you go to South Lake Tahoe, I highly recommend staying within walking distance in this area for an abundance of things to do.

Sequoia National Park

My husband and I have been to this park before but we wanted to do a quick stop here so that our boys can see the great General Sherman Tree. The Sherman Tree is the largest tree in the world, measured by volume. It is 275 feet tall and 36 feet in diameter at the base.

My boys standing in front of a couple of sequoia trees. You can get an idea how big those trees are.

This tree fell over and was turned into a walk-through tunnel.

This is a view of the Moro Rock in Sequoia. It is a steep hike up that rock, my son and I got up about less than a third of the way to take pictures. The view from there is amazing.

They had a planned or “prescribed fire” that day so you can see smoke coming up in one of the pictures.

The tunnel tree that we managed to drive through. A couple of cars were lined up waiting to enter the tunnel.

Well, that is it for my vacation. After that long trip we were so glad to be home. We missed our dogs and eating healthier than we have been on this trip. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and hopefully you can travel to these places soon.

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