Hibiscuses, Cleome, Wasabi, Asiatic Lilies, and Cornflowers

I have been busy last week with my oldest son’s graduation from high school. And this week I am preparing to go on vacation with the family before my son starts a new job and the youngest start cross country running camp. I had lots of flowers in the garden but many were not captured in time because I was busy.

This week my main worry is who can take care of my plants BEST while I am away. Heat of 88 degrees Fahrenheit or above is expected. I just hope the potted plants and bonsai won’t die while I’m gone!




ASIATIC LILY “Royal Sunset”


Sorry I am not spending a great deal of time gushing about my flowers this time. I REALLY wanted to because they are so GORGEOUS but no time, gotta get packin’!

Have a great week! When I come back from vacation I should have more pictures to show of my travels to Death Valley and Lake Tahoe!

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