A Bevy of Flowers

Today I thought I should start creating and eventually print a gardening book that will contain all the flowers I showcased in this blog and more that I couldn’t post before. I would put in tips on how to care for them and where to plant. It would be overloaded with pictures of beautiful flowers.

Basically, it is going to be a book I want to use as my go-to gardening book. I have so many gardening books but they are not comprehensive enough or tailored to the plants I love to grow. I want to combine it with pictures of my plants that I love. It would be an eye-candy book for the flower gardener. There are not many books out there that fit my needs for a comprehensive flower gardening book in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.

So that’s going to be in the works in the future. For now, let’s look at this week’s favorite flowers.

Fiji Island Hibiscus

This four inch pot produces the biggest hibiscus flower I’ve ever seen. It’s bigger than my hand. It is such a beauty! I am in love!

Twilight Zone Rose

Princesses Charlene de Monaco

My very first rose from this plant so I am super enamored by this. What a beautiful shade of peach and pink!

Chicago Peace Rose

This is the first year that this bush has produced the best number of roses all at once. For the past 2 years it eeked out about 2-3 for a whole year and they were never perfectly shaped. This here, showed I have at least 7!

Linaria “Licilia Peach”

Abutilon “Blushing Belle”

Dondo Blue Ageratum

This is a great plant that I grew from seeds in the spring of 2020 and it still alive and happy today. Beautiful purple color!

Hollyhock Indian Spring

I grew these from seeds last spring and it has finally flowered for the first time.

Cranberry Hibiscus

This tree was grown from seeds 3 years ago. It’s a beautiful cherry colored tree. The flowers opens for a few hours in the early part of the day. By the time I get home from work it had already closed.

Peach Orange Lion-tail Hibiscus

“Fruit Punch” Poppy

I’ve had this plant for three Spring seasons now. It is alive all year long but flowers only in the spring. The color is spectacular every time. This year seems to be a little slow going for it though as this is the second one so far. I normally get at least 5 or 6 by now.

Okay, this picture of my dog Hunter is so cute that I have to share. He used the toy as a chin rest after he chewed the heck out of it! I love him!

Bye now! Have a good day!

2 thoughts on “A Bevy of Flowers

  1. Great stuff Chirp, and reserve a copy for me on the future book! 😃
    I like the name of that “Twilight Zone Rose”


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