Columbines, Statice, Schizanthus, Linaria, and more

In this post I have a lot of plants I grew from seeds. There are many that I grew from the end of winter that have not flowered yet but these below are some very quick growing ones.


This year Columbine is my favorite flowers to grow. I tried planting several seeds and also purchased a few. The two below are plants I purchased at a local nursery. My seedlings are still so small and have not flowered yet.

Yellow Statice

The color of this statice cannot be captured here accurately. It is more of a light goldenrod color and very unusual. Unfortunately, this picture shows that it is beige rather than yellow. This one was grown last year or maybe the year before that but it was hidden under some plants so I did not get to see much of it. I cleared the area and now it has more beautiful stems.

Schizanthus “Angel Wings”

These little darlings are like tiny snapdragons with cute little flecks of color in the center. It prefers partial shade and is supposed to bloom for several weeks. The stems are about 8-9 inches tall. It is also known as “poor man’s orchid”. I grew these from seeds without any problems and no pests tried to eat it.

Clarkia “Elegant Salmon”

This Clarkia is also adorable and tiny. It just has one stem with ONE flower so far. I am rather enamored with its flowers though. The shape is a bit unusual. I tell you, God made some of the most AMAZING flowers on Earth! I am constantly in awe of His creations!

Linaria “Licilia Peach”

This linaria is also grown from seeds and is not susceptible to pests eating the seedlings. They ate tiny, tiny little flowers though so you would have to zoom your eyeballs to look at these. It’s a keeper. I hope it re-seeds.

Takane Ruby Buckwheat

These buckwheat grown from seeds are also flowering but they are quite miniscule. I was dreaming of a field full of pink buckwheat instead I have a few tendrils. I heard that buckwheat helps improve soil so I am trying to grow more of them. I have several plants spread out all over in my yard. Hopefully after it flowered it will spread more seeds.

Morning Glory Tree

I know this is not a seedling I grew from seeds but it is so beautiful it deserved to be mentioned this morning.

Have you ever seen a prettier pinky – lavender color? Oh, sooooooooo cute! I am in love! I purchased this one a few months ago and I finally got around to planting it. I hope it survives our heat waves in the summer.

That’s all the flowers for this post! I have a few cosmos that I grew from seeds, maybe I can show you next time. See you soon!

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