Epiphyllum and Amaryllis Flowers

On Mother’s Day I was surprised by the biggest and most extravagant of blooms by these two: epiphyllum and and amaryllis plants.

Last year my epiphyllum only had one bloom, this year, there are 13! The flowers are about 7 inches wide. It only flowers in the spring but it is an amazing sight. I’ve had this plant for about 4 years so it did take a long time to build up to this.

This four-bloom amaryllis is also amazing. The flowers are about 5-6 inches across. I read that there are certain things you have to do to prepare it for flowering between each period but I didn’t do any of that! I kept watering it for the last year or so and it decided to flower on its own. It would probably flower sooner if allowed to have a dormant period.

That’s all the flowers today. I will try to post again this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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