Roses, Moss Roses, and Rose Barbie

This post is about flowers and a Barbie that have the words “rose” in them. The Rose Barbie is one I had promised to show you many months ago but kept putting it off. The Barbie is from a Flowers in Fashion Collection consisting of the Rose, Orchid, Calla Lily, and the Iris Barbies.

Plum Perfect Rose

Let’s start with this Plum Perfect Rose that has been growing for 2 years. The flowers are about 3 inches wide and densely ruffled as shown. I love growing roses, most of them don’t require much water and these are very tolerant of our hot southern California weather, zone 10.

I have no idea which rose this is but I remember I bought it at a grocery store and all the tags are generically named “rose” or “floribunda”. It has a really vibrant pink that I love.

Chicago Peace Rose

Koko Loco Rose

Changed to light pink after a few days

Moss Roses

These moss roses are tiny, delicate flowers that I grew from seeds. They are about 6 inches tall but the flowers are about 1.5 – 2 inches wide. I wish I had more of them to show.

Rose Barbie

There she is, the Rose Barbie. It’s the least favorite of the Flowers in Fashion Collection. She is pretty, just not spectacular like the other three in the collection.

That’s all everyone! I would’ve gotten this post done last Friday but I didn’t have time to edit this post with the links to the other Barbies. I hope you enjoyed my collection of roses.


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