Bearded Irises, Alstroemeria and a Few More

Bearded irises are blooming again! I love these flowers. They come in the most vibrant, spectacular colors! They can handle dry, clay soil like a champ and they multiply each year. You can divide and share!

My love of the irises started when I received a bulb at my mother-in-law’s memorial service. She loved irises and had many of them. The first one was this white iris that has multiplied in the past three years. It is growing here with my wildly, spreading pink alstroemeria.

“Blatant” Bearded Iris

“Lady Friend” Bearded Iris

I’m not sure what this purple one (below) is because I inherited from the in-laws. Each stalk has three buds blooming one at a time.

Dutch Iris “Red Embers”

Nicotiana “Deep Purple”


This is supposed to be “White Gold” with white flowers but this comes out pink. I like pink better than white anyway so it’s a perfect cutie!

Dianthus Barbatus aka Sweet William

Dondo Blue

These dondo blue plants have been growing continuouly every year for the last three years. They are so lovely.

Linaria “Licilia Peach”

This little seedling is already flowering and I haven’t taken it out of its seedling pot yet! So tiny and delicate!

Alstroemeria “Cream Low”

Those are the beauties I have for today! This weekend I will have to spend more time in the garden to plant all my 80+ seedlings. I hope you have a chance to do things you love too. Enjoy your week and more coming soon!


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