My Verdant Garden

I am officially done with buying plants for the season and possibly until next year! I have spent most of my weekends to do weeding and to plant 80+ flower seedlings. My garden has no space that I can dig up myself anymore. The next option is to put things in containers but I tend to kill things in containers.

I really went way over my head with the seeds and now I feel overwhelmed! This week is supposed to be 4 days of scorching heat in the 90+ degrees Fahrenheit. My evenings will be spent watering the seedlings daily until they are settled into the new home for at least a week or so.

In this post I have some other beautiful plants that doesn’t get much coverage on my blog, with the exception of the ranunculus. I can’t get enough of ranunculus! You will find that I am way more talkative in this post than many of my others!



These lantanas were not purchased by me. The seeds dropped in my yard one day and I let it grow. I did see these in the front yard of one of my neighbors’ house so maybe the birds carried them over. Last summer it flowered and these adorable pink and yellow flowers came out. I was so enamored by their colors that I let them stay. It will have to be moved soon though because it is growing to almost 2 foot tall.


These ice plants are low ground cover plants. They are the prettiest pink,orange, and yellow. I love these and may dig some up to use in another part of the yard someday.



I found this cutie in the ground and I have never seen it before. I think it was a new daffodil I planted last fall. She’s like a yellow and lime green color. I almost missed her in my garden mess.


These passion fruit flowers will turn into cute little orange fruit with tiny sweet seeds inside. I love these because they taste good and there are going to be so much of them from now until the beginning of the fall season. These spread everywhere though. I found new plants in different areas of my garden now so I will need to pluck them out soon.


Borage are great plants and I don’t mind them being very invasive. They are bee magnets. The leaves are spiky but edibly delicious. They have beautiful pink and blue flowers. They fill out my garden so nicely with beautiful big foliage.


These aeonium succulents are finally going to start seeding in another couple of months. I was going to dig them up and cut them down to start new plants but now they are growing these odd Dr. Seuss style flowers from the center. It will flower soon and all the bees in town will swarm around it. It will be very hard to water around there with a million bees on the plants. I guess I will leave them for now. Those plants have been there for 4 years. I know that once it flowers (at least the green aeonium) it will die off. I really love that yellow “Sunburst” though.

These Sunburst aeoniums got the brown spots after the freezing temperatures we had the last couple of months. Such a shame but I am glad they didn’t die.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday!


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