Irises, Roses, and Statices

This sturdy seedling is buckwheat. Look it has grown tiny little flowers already! It sprouted from seeds within a few days and grew really fast.

The picture of the roses here does not do it justice. The pink is a dark, striking pink. The flowers are at least 5 inches wide and so plentiful. In my garden, it makes a great 4 feet tall presence.

I don’t remember which roses these are below but I planted it about 7 years ago, long before I was interested in gardening. It has the strongest, sweetest tea rose fragrance.

I love these statices colors. They are are the prettiest blues and purples. I grew these from seeds 2 years ago. They are growing here in a pot with my brugmansia tree. I like them growing in pots better because the pots kept them upright. They tend to flop over and take over the garden.

My gazania “Big Kiss” is blooming huge flowers in the picture below. It amazes me how big and vibrant it looks. I’ve grown this from seeds last year and it has been growing ever since, even during the freezing temperatures we’ve had this past winter.

Below is an ornamental kale that I grew from seeds last winter. It has been looking this beautiful since summer of last year. It lost a few leaves from the bottom and changed colors from light pink to dark pink now. I posted it in December last year here.

Those are all my favorite flowers to share today. I hope you enjoy them. See you soon!


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