Winter Garden in Southern California

In this post are some of my favorite late winter garden pictures along with some favorite new flowers.

Below are some yellow daisies that are year-round bloomers, dark purple tobacco plant, blue borage, pink daisies, and green yellow heuchera.

Hibiscus splendens Pink Hollyhock Tree is getting ready to flower for the first time after planting last July.

Morning garden with yellow brugmansia taking center stage. I have various pots in the front waiting to be planted.

I’m so happy my magnolia souvlangiana is growing so many more flowers now in its third year. I was worried that it was going to grow too big too fast but so far they seem to grow about a 5 inches each year. The front of this picture has my blue sage grown from seeds almost 3 years ago. To the right, the dark mini pink flowers are Anisodontea ‘Strybing Beauty’ which has been happily blooming all seasons.

My garden entrance is framed by this beautifully scented Jasminum polyanthum ‘Pepita’. White Iceberg Roses are leaning up against it making it look like climbing roses.

Last year after the ONE Cerinthe major purpurascens “Blue Honeywort” died after flowering I thought that was the end of it. However, in the fall and early winter last year I noticed many of these plants popping up. I thought they were weeds but I saved it until it got bigger and used a plant identification app. I happily discovered my baby came back to life and 50-fold!

Blue Honeywort taking over the whole area


Ranunculus ‘Champagne’


Now I leave you with two beautiful and vibrant kalanchoes! Have a great week ahead.


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