Cherry Tree Blossoms and Other Pink Flowers

Well I had disappeared for almost 3 months, not blogging, that is. I was still struggling with whether I have the time to blog. I had to plant new plants and started seeds on at least 70+ new flowers and vegetables. It’s going to be an exciting spring again with so many new things.

While I was away, I really miss sharing my flowers and the excitement I feel when I think of my garden. With spring coming upon us and tons of new plants I am experimenting with, I think it’s time to share again.

This winter I got my first batch of cherry tree blossoms. I love cherry tree blossoms! I got 5 seedlings from a friend 2 yrs ago. I didn’t get any flowers last year but this year, 4 of the trees flowered, even in a tiny pot lacking in nutrition and care.

These flowers are so charming and delicate! This one below is called a “peppermint”, so says a friend. I agree, it does look like a peppermint candy! I have no idea what the actual plant is.

What is so fantastic about this plant is that it has dark pink flowers as well. All that beauty on one tree!

Another one that bloomed even better than any other blossom tree is this one below. It is planted in one of the worst soil in front of my house and yet it bloomed the most prolifically.

Early in the season buds forming

Then, I got more darker cherry blossoms on another tree nearby with the same bad soil.

Below are some other flowers blooming in my garden.

‘Scarlet’ Quince
Ranunculus ‘Champagne’
Night Rider camellia – not pink actually but a deep wine color
Fringe flower bonsai

That’s all the pinks for today! Have a great rest of the week.


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