Calla Lily Barbie

The third Barbie in the Flowers in Fashion Collection is this Calla Lily Barbie. Last week I showed you my Iris Barbie, which was the fourth in the series. The few weeks prior to that was my Orchid Barbie, which was the second in the series. They are all out of sequence, you say, but they are in the order that I like the most to least.

I do like the unique dress and how it resembles a calla lily. I think on this project Mattel just didn’t bother choosing quality fabric to make her dress. Maybe you can see the white fabric around her head frayed slightly. The green dress material is not shiny but a dull colored fabric similar to ones used to make curtains. Also, whoever packaged this dress put stitches and staples to hold her in place in her box. Well, those stitch marks left holes in several places on her dress. I’m not happy about that.

Another reason this doll is my third favorite is because her hair is really ugly with the bowl-shaped bangs and side ponytail. Uh uh! I grew up with too many cousins having bowl-shaped haircuts to appreciate THIS! I just have to tell you I’m glad my mom never gave me bowl-shaped haircuts, have not seen one picture with that.

One great thing going for this Barbie is that her face is pretty and coquettishly drawn like most Barbie dolls’ faces. I love the eye makeup. The hair and eyes made her look Asian, which I can appreciate since I am Asian myself.

Now below are several views of her dress all around. You can probably see some tiny holes in the back of this dress. This picture below shows the rough curtain material they used to make this dress. I wonder if I got the leftover material? Rough and roughly sewn together!

As you can see this Barbie is not quite as handsome as the previous dolls in the series. However, her eyes and face are quite lovely. Let’s admire that one more time before we go. Oh, I digress, but did anyone notice the pretty Christmas tree in the background of these pictures? I decorated that 2 foot tree myself. It sits on my kitchen island.

Bye now, next time I will share my Rose Barbie. Go out there and enjoy the pre-Holiday weekend!

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